Community Connections

Local Community Support

Dr. Pattni volunteers his services with a variety of local and international healthcare charities. He provides vision screening services for the Dallas Lions Vision free Screening programs in Dallas area schools with disadvantaged students and through the Dallas based Essilor Vision Foundation.

Dallas Area Lions Club Mobile Vision Bus

Dr. Pattni volunteers his services regularly in support of the Lions Club International Mobile Vision Project for disadvantaged population children in the North Texas area providing vision screening and referral services.

In support of the the Dallas Based Essilor Foundation Dr. Pattni participates in free vision screening provided through the Foundations Kids Vision for Life programs. The Essilor foundation programs provided needy children with over 4000 pairs of free eyeglasses during 2010.

Dr. Pattni also volunteers in support of  International missions to some of the worlds most disadvantaged populations.

Recent trips to India, Honduras, Peru, and South Africa  were successful at bringing access to health services from a full range of Doctors, Specialists and medical technicians to communities where modern healthcare is almost non-existent.


International Medical Missions

There are many underserved and vulnerable communities around the world with no access to even the most routine medical care. Dr. Pattni volunteers through Medical Wings International and other organizations to participate on short term medical mission trips; Joining with other medical professionals to provide health, wellness, medical relief and quality of life support to those populations most in need.

Dr. Pattni participates in at least one medical mission each year to different parts of the world We provide this information in the hope that you will join Dr. Pattni in your support for these charitable organizations.


Previous Missions


When: 2013

Location: Vegata, Peru

Duration: 3 Days

Patients Seen: 1,485

Team Members: 2 primary care physicians, 2 dentists and 1 Optometrist


When: June 2012

Location: Santiago Chile

Sponsored by: Medical Wings International

Duration: 3 Days

Patients Seen: 638 total

Team Members: Specialists in Dental and Vision


When: November 2010

Location: Durban, South Africa

Sponsored by: Hampshire Hotels Charities

Duration: 1 week

Patients Seen: 135

Team Members: Specialists in Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat


When: June 2009

Location: Santa Juana

Sponsored by: American Airlines and Medical Wings

Duration: 1 Week

Patients Seen: 50 - 60 per day

Team Members: Dental and Eyecare Specialists, Primary Care Nurses


When: June 2008

Location: Villages of Ticamaya and Lajutosa

Sponsored by: American Airlines and Medical Wings

Duration: 1 week

Patients Seen: 50 - 75 patients per day

Team Members: Primary Care, Pediatrics, Eye Care and Dental Specialists


When: June 22 - July 1, 2007

Location: 2 hours from Dehli in small clinics and villages

Sponsored by: American Airlines and Medical Wings

Duration: 9 days

Patients Seen: 100 per day

Team Members: Pediatric Specialists, Dentists, Primary Care and Eyecare

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